Danger Man - Episodes

Several episodes are precursors of The Prisoner.

This is based on the original ITC press releases, as posted on the Bravo Web pages, plus Jon Poole's plus watching the Bravo showings.

The order is that of first transmission, where known, or that of Bravo's listings and transmission order.

Warning - spoilers! The links are to plot details.

Series 1 - 1960

View From the Villa
PM conceived the concept for The Prisoner while filming the episode in Portmeirion
Time to Kill
The Blue Veil
The Lovers
Girl in Pink Pyjamas
Position of Trust
The Lonely Chair
The Sanctuary
An Affair of State
The Key
The Sisters
The Prisoner
The Traitor
Colonel Rodruigez
The Island
Find and Return
The Girl Who Liked GIs
Name, Date and Place
The Conspirators
The Honeymooners
The Gallows Tree
The Relaxed Informer
The Brothers
The Journey Ends Half-Way
Bury The Dead
The Contessa
The Leak
The Trap
The Actor
Hired Assassin
The Coyannis Story
Find and Destroy
Under The Lake
The Nurse
Dead Man Walks

Series 2 - 1964-5

Yesterday's Enemies
Colony Three
John Drake is sent to a self-contained village where agents are being trained for infiltrating the U.K. [More info] This episode was a major influence on The Prisoner.
The Galloping Major
JD poses as a military advisor to find who's plotting against an African Prime Minister at election time.
Fair Exchange
JD has a battle of wits with an Iron Curtain secret police chief over a former colleague who has returned to kill her torturer.
Fish On The Hook
Battle Of The Cameras
The Colonel's Daughter
No Marks For Servility
A Man to Be Trusted
Don't Nail Him Yet
A Date With Doris
JD has to get an exposed & injured colleague out of a country (via a submarine, codename Doris)
That's Two of Us Sorry
Such Men Are Dangerous
Whatever Happened to George Foster?
JD discovers that a respectable millionaire businessman is funding a South American revolution
A Room in the Basement
A husband at Geneva airport is kidnapped and taked to the Romanian Embassy
The Affair at Castlevara
An old revolutionary returns from exile to die but is betrayed and sentenced to death. The US & UK governments want him reprieved and use the threat of blocking NATO entry to try to achieve it.
The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
John Drake has a road accident and then is blackmailed over a gambling debt... things get worse...
It's Up To the Lady
A Foreign Office expert on China who's under suspicion suddenly leaves the country.
Have a Glass of Wine
A junior spy skips to Burgundy and JD goes after her
The Mirror's New
You're Not in Any Trouble, Are You?
A M9 agent is killed in Rome by a "Murder Incorporated" gang. JD sets out to catch them by putting out a contract on himself.
The Black Book
Gen. Carteret's brother-in-law in Paris is being blackmailed and he makes JD go over to sort it out. He finds it's a Russian clerk who's defected with a book of secrets and is blackmailing many officials.
English Lady Takes Lodgers

The Professionals
Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet
The Outcast
The Mercenaries
Judgement Day
Loyalty Always Pays
Are you going to be permanent?

Series 3 - 1965

A Very Dangerous Game
Sting in the Tail
To Our Best Friend
Features an agent from the opposition who was trained at a base like Colony Three.
Dangerous Secret
A very young Mark Lester (Oliver) stumbles into a virus research project gone wrong...
The Hunting Party
Two Birds With One Bullet
Featuring a young Richard O'Sullivan
I'm Afraid You've Got The Wrong Number
The Man With The Foot
The Paper Chase
Directed by Patrick McGoohan and with a rare TV appearance by Joan Greenwood
Not So Jolly Roger
Set on a pirate radio station on a WWII artillery fort in the North Sea, which is being used to transmit secrets.

The Man on The Beach
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Say It With Flowers
Someone Is Liable To Get Hurt
I Can Only Offer You Sherry

Series 4 - 1966

Set in Japan
Shinda Shima
An electronics expert from the secret service's Q Division suddenly resigns and goes to Japan...

Plot details

Colony 3

John Drake takes the place of Mr. Fuller, a disaffected Citizen's Advice Bureau clerk who's recruited to the Colony. It's not situated in the former USSR: The language and writing seen en route seemed to suggest Hungary. After a train journey he and the fellow recruits are met by a London bus, which takes them to Hamden New Town (which looks very much like the Milton Keynes of 1964) - still being built. The recruits are told there's a wilderness for 100 miles around. Spies come to the Colony for 3 years training. There are no locks on doors and rooms are bugged (just like The Village). JD assembles a special camera based on his portable typewriter and photographs all the people visiting his Citizen's Advice Bureau - the spies due to come to the West. Mr. Fuller is recalled by Section 1 - actually by the agent within it who substituted JD's picture in the paperwork - which is how JD escapes. The colony director fears Section 1 and possible interference.

Whatever Happened to George Foster?

JD discovers that respectable millionaire businessman & grandfather Peter Jones, now Lord Ammonford(?), is funding a South American revolution to protect his business interests, via a cultural society. He gets JD taken off the case and sent on leave, so JD investigates his background. It turns out that George Foster was a chauffeur who abandoned his wife & children to take over the identity of Peter Jones and then married an heiress.

A Room in the Basement

The man works for World Travel (his real job being unknown to his wife) and the couple are friends of JD, so he arrives to help out, along with two colleagues. JD knows it's all because the man has vital secrets. JD makes plans against opposition from the station chief. JD poses to the Romanians has having secrets to sell, luring their station chief out and taking him to a basement, made to seem to be the British Embassy basement. They blackmail the man to give them the info they need to break their friend out and proceed to do so. The British station chief is furous until a delighted Foreign Office official arrives to congratulate him. JD lets him have all the credit to save aggravation over his unofficial operation.

The Affair at Castlevara

Ramon Torres, leader of the losing Republican side in a civil war 25 years earlier, is due to die for alledgedly shooting hostages during the war. JD joins up with a US agent to consider breaking him out, with help from the underground resistance movement. JD discovers a film showing it was General Ventura, now Minister of Justice, who massacred hostages and uses it to help get Torres out. The resistance are no help as it was they who betrayed Torres, wishing a martyr. Ventura helps JD get into the prison as an orchestra musician, with a viola case containing a mock-up double bass and cover: this is for Torres to pretend to be a musician on the way out.

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

John Drake has a road accident and the episode turns out to be a paranoid fantasy, strongly reminiscent of some of the things forced on Number 6 in The Village. A casino owner, Mr. Alexander, tries to blackmail JD with a fake I.O.U. and meanwhile a Treasury financial investigating officer, Mr. Lovegrove (Eric Barker), is investigating JD. JD keeps seeing Lovegrove's face on others. Eventually JD recovers consciousness as he's put in the ambulance.

It's Up To the Lady

JD follows the expert's wife who's presumably joining him, with instructions from Commander Hobbs to bring the man back (with assurances the man won't be prosecuted). JD persuades the wife to lure the man back over the Greece/Albania border, in spite of interference from the other side's local agent. Upon return the Britain, policemen take the man away, making JD furious.

Have a Glass of Wine

JD observes a young woman receiving British secrets and she then goes to Burgundy. JD finds she was blackmailed to be a courier by the ringleader (Warren Mitchell). A French Secret Service agent finds out and "turns" the leader, hoping to get copies of all information passed in the future. However JD takes the place of the pilot taking him to Paris.


Spy villages

These seem to be a recurring idea amongst film & TV.

A first-season episode of Mission Impossible, called The Carriers, featured a mission to an Iron Curtain training village.

The Experts (1989, starring John Travolta, produced by James Keach), featured a KGB training village called Indiana Springs which was still stuck in the Fifties small-town USA style & matters.

Danger Man