Danger Man - Media

As of 2000 Carlton started releasing VHS and DVD collections.
Episode TitleVHS VolumeDVD Volume
View From the Villa11
Time to Kill11
The Blue Veil11
The Lovers22
Girl in Pink Pyjamas22
Position of Trust22
The Lonely Chair22
The Sanctuary32
An Affair of State32
The Key32
The Sisters32
The Prisoner43
The Traitor43
Colonel Rodruigez43
The Island53
Find and Return53
The Girl Who Liked GIs53
Name, Date and Place53
The Conspirators4
The Honeymooners4
The Gallows Tree4
The Relaxed Informer4
The Brothers4
The Journey Ends Half-Way4
Bury The Dead4
Not announced as of 18-Jul-2001...
Find and Destroy
The Leak
Under The Lake
Dead Man Walks
The Contessa
The Coyannis Story
Hired Assassin
The Trap
The Actor
Yesterday's Enemies
Colony Three
The Galloping Major
Fair Exchange
Fish On The Hook
Battle Of The Cameras
The Colonel's Daughter
No Marks For Servility
A Man to Be Trusted
Don't Nail Him Yet
A Date With Doris
That's Two of Us Sorry
Such Men Are Dangerous
Whatever Happened to George Foster?
A Room in the Basement
The Affair at Castlevara
The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
It's Up To the Lady
Have a Glass of Wine
The Mirror's New
You're Not in Any Trouble, Are You?
The Black Book
The Professionals
Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet
The Outcast
The Mercenaries
Judgement Day
Loyalty Always Pays
Are you going to be permanent?
A Very Dangerous Game
Sting in the Tail
To Our Best Friend
Dangerous Secret
The Hunting Party
Two Birds With One Bullet
I'm Afraid You've Got The Wrong Number
The Man With The Foot
The Paper Chase
Not So Jolly Roger
The Man on The Beach
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Say It With Flowers
Someone Is Liable To Get Hurt
I Can Only Offer You Sherry
Shinda Shima

Danger Man