Philips - Jobs

The Cambridge Evening News enthusiastically welcomed the news that Philips were hoping to move their office and production for pagers from St. Andrews Road to Hinchingbrook Business Park (19-Mar-1996).

It said they would move 300 employees (i.e. jobs) and create 150 new ones. That's great for the Huntingdon area but what about the Cambridge factory workers who can't move?

Even the Opinion column enthused about this, saying:

Very comforting for the workers who'd (reluctantly) be made redundant when they say they can't relocate or travel.

What about the workers, formerly travelling a short distance, who'd now have to commute by car up the busy A14 for their shifts?


As of 1998 it seemed the plan to move to Hinchingbrook was rejected in favour of moving much of the production to other parts of the world, with many redundancies. In 1999 there were more redundancies.

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