Gerard Hoffnung

A humourist and cartoonist, active in the Fifties but much revived later (as I remember), specialising in humourous classical music, such as Horrortoria, as well as monologues. The music features vacuum cleaners, hoses...

Halas and Bachelor made a series of cartoons based on his humour.


A flavour of his humour

Unfortunately my little quotations, intended as samples to give a flavour of his humour, are considered to be a breach...
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 09:29:40 +0100 (BST)
From: "L. Mullenger" 
Subject: Gerard Hoffnung

The copyright in all Gerard Hoffnung cartoons and other material resides 
with Mrs Annetta Hoffnung and sound recordings with the BBC. I regret 
that certain items on your Hoffnung humour page are in breach of 
copyright and must be removed. The official Hoffnung web-site is being 
created at this university with the assistance of Mrs Hoffnung and no 
other material will be allowed on the internet.

We would ask that you expunge the relevant material but not the page.  
Instead please post an apology for contravention of copyright for 12-months 
so that others visiting your site will receive a similar warning. In 
addition post a notice that the official web site will be at

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Accordingly I regret and apologise for any offence.

Thanks to Harry Campbell for his moral support and for spotting that the above link had changed by Jan-1999 to In Nov-1999 the site is now here.

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[This may be what the complaint was about, so I've removed this.]

The Bricklayer Sketch

[This may be what the complaint was about, so I've removed this.]

Replies from Tyrolean Guest House Landlords

[This may be what the complaint was about, so I've removed this.]

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