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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:06:16
From: Andy <andy.roberts@zetnet.co.uk>
Subject: GIG
A few weeks ago, Tim (Ruskin) Spear posted some information about a couple of gigs he is doing in London UK with his band CHINESEBURN.

One was on 21st Oct at the 12 Bar Club, Denmark St, the other on 23rd at the Hope and Anchor, Islington. He mentioned the possibility of the original Trouser Press making an appearance but no promises.

Anyway, If he didn't pop up again I was going to fish out those details and re-post them here but now I don't need to because I have just got pushed through my letterbox a couple of flyers for the 12 bar club gig.

They came to me because I'm on some mailing list (snail) somewhere for a band that broke up ages ago called "The Dharmas". The guy from that group formed a new one called "Steadman" and they are on the bill with Tim's "Chineseburn" at the 12 bar club so I now have 2 reasons to go. Top of the bill is a third act called "The Dave Sutherland Band" which I don't know anything about, anybody help?

To sum up :-
time: ?
place: The 12 Bar Club, Denmark st.
nearest tube: Tottenham court road

who: The Dave Sutherland Band
Chineseburn ( featuring Tim Spear )

price: 6, or 5 with flyer.
tickets: 0171 2092248
general inf: 0171 9166989

See you there,

Andy R. <andy.roberts@zetnet d0t co d0t uk>
East London, UK
Subject: Re: GIG
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 98 20:57:08 +0100
From: tim spear <veilmaya@veilmaya.org>
It's very kind of andy to post the details here. So as not to mislead people, the trouser press will sadly not be appearing at the gigs, that doesnt mean to say it never will, just not next week...

Tim Spear
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Subj:  Re: GIG - 21st October
From:  Jeff Mead <Jeff@bayou.demon.co.uk>
Date:  1998/10/15
If anyone is planning to go to the 12 bar who hasn't been there before might have trouble finding it.

It is actually down an alley off Denmark Street. If you go down Denmark street from Tottenham Court Road, you go past several guitar shops. Towards the end of the street on the left is a shop called "Andy's". There is an alley down the side of it and that's where the 12-bar is. It's quite a nice place actually, although very small.

Actually, I'd be suprised if they could even fit a trouser press on the stage if there are more than about 3 of them in the band!!!

Jeff Mead

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