[Bonzo Dog]

Canyons of Your Mind

(V. Stanshall)

With thanks to Princess WhiteGoat and Annie Sattler and their transcription.
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In the canyons of your mind
I will wander through your brain
To the ventricles of your heart, my dear:
I am pumping you again.
'Cross the mountains of your chest
I will stick a Union Jack.
To the forest of your cheek,
Through the holes in your string vest.

My darling, in my cardboard-coloured dreams,
cardboard-coloured dreams
Once again I hear your laugh.
And I kiss, yes I kiss, your perfumed hair:
but she's not there
The sweet essence of giraffe.
of giraffe

And each time I hear your name
frying pan, frying pan
Oh, oh, oh my my, how it hurts
he's in pain
In the wardrobe of my soul,
of my soul
In the section labelled "shirts".

I mean it

I am pumping you again

This version occurs on Unpeeled (recorded 29-Jul-69).
On Tadpoles (released Aug-69) Vivian sings:

I'm in love with you again.

John Peel's sleeve notes point out that exception was taken inside and outside the BBC at the time to such lines, so Vivian probably deliberately "toned it down" for the album.

[Bonzo Dog]
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