CD v. Vinyl


This is bound to be "old-hat" to enthusiasts but others may find it interesting.

I was present at a test (approx. 1986) by two friends, one a keen, anti-CD vinyl enthusiast and the other a CD convert.

The hi-fi system was a top-of-the-range one, with excellent amplifier and deck and very expensive speakers. The CD enthusiast brought his top-of-the-range CD player.

They went through their respective collections and found a common recording: the same recording on vinyl and CD.

The two forms of the recording were carefully started in synchronisation.

Switching the amplifier between the two sources, with the volume full up, allowed us to hear the true difference.

The vinyl sounded as though it was raining - due to noise/hiss.

The CD sounded as though it was in a box - due to the digitisation process and consequent loss of frequency range.

For myself, I like both formats but use them differently: on the whole I collect vinyl but I buy CDs of my favourite music (mostly to play at work) as one can set up automatic repeats and playlists easily.

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