Patrick Moraz - Private Tour

There was a second, equally successful tour later in 1995.
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 08:06:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: jeff hunnicutt/ois/system services 
Subject: Notes From the Edge Patrick Moraz Tour Update
> From Editor Mike Tiano (


The following came to Notes from Patrick's manager Gary Davis:

On January 2, 1995, Notes From the Edge published a friendly little letter from Patrick Moraz that basically said, "If you're willing to book me yourself, I'm willing to play!" At a price of $800 many people thought the letter could only be a hoax. However, over 100 people from 30 states and Canada took it upon them- selves to call me, Patrick's manager, and find out the truth for themselves. The response was wonderful. In some cases Patrick will actually be playing in people's living rooms. Others have chosen some wonderful concert situations for Patrick including churches, college recital halls, museums, recording studios, etc. Although we billed this as a piano solo tour, some hosts are placing additional temptations in Patrick's way such as harpsichords, church pipe organs, percussion instruments, etc.

And here is the preliminary itinerary for Patrick Moraz's "Coming Home, America" tour. Some concerts will be totally open to the public. Some will be small, semi-private gatherings at which the hosts are open to other fans joining in. And some are completely private. I've included contacts for the public and semi-private functions. Be aware that Patrick will not be repeating shows. Each concert will be a unique event. If you should find yourself along the route with a gap in between dates and would like to host your own date, call me, Gary Davis, at 216-945-4923. But you must be prepared to act immediately.

Pri = Private SP = Semi-private Pub = Public

======	====	====			=======
Sat 25	Pri	San Francisco, CA	(none)
Sun 26	SP	San Francisco, CA	Julian Gomez, 415-858-2428

Fri 3	SP	Los Angeles, CA		Eric VanderVelde, 818-957-7340
Sat 4	SP	Anaheim, CA		Brad Tarr, 714-996-7493
Tue 7	Pri	Salt Lake City, UT	(none)
Wed 8	Pub	Denver, CO		Alan Mallery, 303-863-8663
Thu 9	SP	Dallas, TX		David Westbay, 817-988-8480
Fri 10	Pub	Tulsa, OK		David Bagsby, 918-835-6119
Sat 11	SP	St. Louis, MO		Roy Derousse, 314-233-4260
Mon 13	Pub	Des Moines, IA		Ken Tharp, 515-224-4823
Wed 15	SP	Chicago, IL		Dave Piper, 708-513-6639
Fri 17	Pub	Piqua, OH		Matt Moreau, 513-778-8600 x368
Sat 18	Pub	Cleveland, OH		David Keis, 216-932-7879
Mon 20	SP	Akron, OH		Digital Daze, 216-630-3600
Tue 21	Pri	Lititz, PA		(none)
Wed 22	Pri	Wilkes-Barre, PA	(none)
Fri 24	SP	New York, NY		Glenn Gottleib, 516-462-9442
Sat 25	Pri	New York, NY		(none)
Sun 26	SP	New York, NY		Rick Neuhoff, 212-581-1244
Wed 29	Pri	Newburyport, MA		(none)
Thu 30	SP	Boston, MA		Mike Stok, 508-371-0088 x124
Fri 31	Pub	Sterling, MA		Will Sherwood, 508-422-7195

Sat 1	Pub	Sterling, MA		Will Sherwood, 508-422-7195
Sun 2	Pub	North Brookfield, MA	Brian Markey, 508-842-4422
Wed 5	Pub	Ithaca, NY		Ralph Shortell, 607-844-8211
Thu 6	Pub	Philadelphia, PA	Mira Yardumian, 215-947-3262
Fri 7	Pri	Stafford, VA		(none)
Sun 9	SP	Wilmington, NC		Jeff Hunnicutt, 910-686-4064
Mon 10	SP	Melbourne, FL		Rick Luck, 407-254-3539
Tue 11	Pub	Nashville, TN		Jim Golden, 615-352-4067
Wed 12	Pub	Jackson, MS		Morrison Bros Music, 601-352-0135
Fri 14	Pub	Mount Vernon, WA	Ken Coffman, 360-422-7520
Sat 15	SP	Seattle, WA		Mike Tiano, 206-936-2066

Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 09:43:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: jeff hunnicutt/ois/system services 
Subject: Notes From the Edge #128


From: IN%"" 27-FEB-1995 15:01:09.03

Saturday February 25 was the opening night of Patrick's CHAT tour. I was fortunate enough to be the one to get this date.

Leading up to the event the search for a piano was hectic. I contacted the Steinway people in San Fransisco to learn that it was unlikely that the model "D" I wanted to use would be easy to move into my house. Someone suggested that the Capital Club had a piano. It did and having it at the Club turned out to be the right choice. We were on the 17 floor with a great view of the foothills and the lights. There were other events going on but for some reason we rarely saw anyone so it was very private.

I picked Patrick up along with his fiance Phyllis and one of Patrick's students Chuck Turner. I was nervous at first but Phyllis, Chuck, and Patrick are friendly, charming, and very down to earth. Phyllis and Chuck are helping Patrick with the tour and the driving. Chuck is fortunate enough to study with Patrick.

When we arrived at the club Patrick spoke to everyone. He began by asking if anyone had questions which of course they did. He spent about 20 minutes talking and encouraging people to eat. There were about 18 people in attendance so the feeling was very intimate.

He began with his warm-up. This in itself was overwhelming. He was mixing in themes from Windows on Time and other various warm-up pieces. You could see people shaking their heads in amazement.

I am not a great one at providing a list of every song he played so I will leave that for someone at a future event that likes that kind of detail. Patrick played until mid-night with stops here and there to talk about what he was playing or how he put it together. We had a great time with shouting in the piano and listening to the symphony of harmonics and resonances. The other quests must I have wondered what was going on in the room next door. He had people stand around and provide percussion on the piano sides.

During the stops he talked about touring, funny things that have happened, jamming with Clapton, Page, Pink Floyd, the Moody's, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, Yes, and a possible tour with Steve Morse, Billy Cobham, and Stanley Clark. We talked about Steve Morse who is also down to earth like Patrick.

At the end of the evening the most frequent comment was "I can't believe this just happened". In my search for the perfect concert this was it. Driving home from dropping Patrick and Phyllis off I was floating on air. I couldn't think of a single thing that could have been better.

I want to thank Patrick's manager Gary Davis for setting this up. This was a really special opportunity that comes once in a lifetime.

To Phyllis and Chuck I want to say it was a pleasure meeting you. Phillis has a great sparkle in her eye and a captivating smile. Chuck does play well, good luck with your studies. I hope we can meet again.

To Patrick, thanks for a special opportunity. I really appreciate your playing and leading the singing of happy birthday for me. It will be a memory I will never forget. I wish you success with the remainder of tour. You are a great role model. You are really grounded in who you are. I wish more musicians were of your caliber both in talent and character. I hope we can meet again as well.


From: IN%"John.Lukes@EBay.Sun.COM" 27-FEB-1995 20:24:07.27

I was one of the truly fortunate people who were able to attend the semi-private Patrick Moraz solo piano recital at the home of two very gracious and generous folks on the San Francisco peninsula last evening.

The long and the short of it is this: if you appreciate truly inspired solo piano wizardry (musically and technically speaking), you simply *MUST* find a way to attend one of these "Chat Tour" events.

Patrick Moraz is the equal of any concert pianist I've ever heard (and better than most -- whether live or recorded). Although his 15-20 minute warm-up exercise, which was not an "official" part of the evening's program, was (however) in and of itself worth the price of admission.

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. The expression `Blown-Away' only begins to describe my experience. As a fan of his playing since he joined Yes (and here I'll spare the various anecdotes I could tell about seeing him with Yes in 75 and 76 at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco, or about getting the first three solo albums, etc. etc.), it was so wonderful to actually get to meet and chat with him in such comfortable and intimate surroundings -- and then for him to play such wonderful music and with such feeling and sparkling technique....!

The home in which the recital was held was absolutely lovely, having been recently remodeled and expanded. It was quite a great "dedication" concert and one which our host and hostess truly deserved.

Patrick loved the Steinway grand which they had brought in (under arrangements with Steinway) for his use, and so did we. (Note to future hosts/hostesses: make sure it is a Steinway, unless Patrick agrees to something else; he will explain why he prefers them.) All I know is I've never heard one come so alive as I did last night.

So, if you 'd like to meet one of the nicest, most personable, and most talented pianist/keyboard players to ever grace this planet, and an alumnus of a couple of its greatest "progressive rock" supergroups, do yourself a favor: find a recital already booked and get on their list, or hurry up and book one yourself. I seriously doubt you and your guests will be disappointed.

And, yes, go ahead and bring the album covers and CD booklets -- Patrick seem to truly enjoy seeing them and signing them. Bring extra money in case there are any Moraz goodies for sale (no CDs last night, but I did pick up a tee-shirt).

One last thing: come willing to be entertained, but also to participate in the entertainment....Patrick is very responsive to appropriate audience participation, such as when he had us gather around the piano to shout into the harp (on the count of 4), to hear the magical sounds that creates, and when he asked us to join in the rhythm-making for a couple of pieces.

Don't hesitate...the Chat Tour is happening NOW!

More later, as I have time.


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