Electronic Journals v. Refereed Print Ones

This is one aspect of the growing movement for research publication to break away from the slowness, high cost and inflexibility of the printed refereed journal system towards essentially D-I-Y, based on the Web and e-mail.

The preprint system (a fast way to get ideas to fellow researchers) arose as a reaction to the slowness of the refereed journal system and now that in turn is seen as slow.

Researchers can now simply e-mail each other and publish on the Web either directly or in e-journals (assembled cheaply and quickly).

Refereeing can be via e-mail, Web page annotations, etc.

Open Peer Review & Augmentation
A proposal for Internet peer review.

Electronic Submission & Peer Review Project.

Strategy for Library Provision for Researches - the Anderson report
Studied the barriers to making research information completely electronic.

Superjournal Project
What factors make e-journals successful?

New Horizons in Scholarly Communication
Electronic classrooms, citation, new publishing models...

Particle Physics
An example of the Web for disseminating research quickly.

Grey Literature Network Service
gopher service
NewsBriefNews, Vol.4, No.4, 1995

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
About the understanding of scholarly electronic publishing

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