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My articles for ALE magazine on towns/cities

Short Items

The New Millennium - 1st January 2001
and in Cambridge
200th Anniversary of the United Kingdom

How to get away with manslaughter
Why is causing death with a car different from other instruments?

Cambridge: Policing
- or rather the stunning lack of it.

Bosnia Story (local copy)
the rescue of a downed US pilot in Bosnia - a "land-mark for the Internet"

Censorship, Security and Privacy
Collection of papers and discussions

Disused Tube Stations in London

The Ghost in the Modem
the U.S. Information Superhighway and lessons from the concrete Interstate Highways

Electronic Journals v. Refereed Print Ones

The Japanese Way of Trading - Business is War

Some pet hates

Friendly to Strangers?
"The people are friendly"

Outrage at Dunblane
the crass, intrusive, insensitive media coverage

"Peter Pan" Copyright
How a world-famous children's hospital is being denied its rightful income

The Unabomber
An American curiousity

Web Page Design
Pet peeves and interesting sites

Web-Related Legal Wrangles
The Observer, The Shetland News...

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