"Should America Buy Japanese?"

JAPANYES: the Third Edition

JAPANYES (2nd edition) was originally posted to the Cambridge Campus DECnotes conference and I include that posting's introduction. It it important to read the replies as well as the main article to get a balanced view!

July 1993
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Introduction by Tom Mathes (mathes@uicc.com)

The following article, JAPANYES, (3rd edition) has gained a lot of interest and has circulated extensively among some of America's biggest corporations and universities. When you read it, you'll see why. JAPANYES comes from Internet FTP site ftp.monash.edu.au. The most recent version is in pub/nihongo/japanyes.

This paper was written by: Louis Leclerc; lleclerc@nyx.cs.du.edu

His US mail address is at the end of the article. Please send him any corrections or additions to this paper. Information about the following paper or Mr. Leclerc can be obtained by writing to him.

NOTE: This is a rather long but fascinating paper on how Japan Inc. functions. For a former free-trader like myself, it has shaken some of my beliefs to the very core. It will open your eyes a little, it will disturb you, and it will quite possibly lead you to ask some serious questions about the future of the United States of America as a world-leader. Reading this, IMHO, is well worth the effort.

The level of detail and the overall gist is documented in many well-known, albeit difficult to read, books. The author's prime service to us is the distillation of this information into a (relatively) brief synopsis.

Tom Mathes mathes@uicc.com
* Please see appendix for information on citation references "[]" in text

(ed072593) 3rd Edition/Short (orig.ed111292)

JAPAN'S Way of Trading

Mike Leizaola, 26-JAN-1993

I didn't know where to put this information... But I guess this is the best conference to put it on. Following are a 2 part article I found on alt.bbs.inter. I must admit it impressed me quite a bit.

I highly recomend that everyone reads this and consider it next time you go and buy a Japanese product.

This is written by a American student that went to do research about marketing in Japan...from an American's point of view....

Before you go and think...well this article is only for the US... read it all... There is a section about the British economy at the end...

A few people about 3 replied to it and attacked the writer for being a bit to direct and disagreed with him.