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Museum for Design

(May 2000)

Sir Terence Conran has proposed using the disused Battersea Power Station as a national museum for Design, following the lead of Tate Modern.

This would ensure a future for a fine building (far superior to Bankside and by the same person) plus give belated recognition to an important area of endeavour. It would also aid the regeneration of that part of London.

Maybe a local architect could do the plans - Lord Foster.

221B Baker Street

It's always puzzled me that films & writings say that's the address of the whole house when it seems more likely the house (prior to division) was just 221 and the upstairs flat 221B, with Mrs Hudson presumably being in 221A.

The Shake

(April 2000)

I heard that Morton Stevens' The Shake was voted best TV theme tune, which both surprised me (for the belated recognition) and pleased me (as I've long thought it was).

It's the Hawaii Five-O theme.

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