Web Page Design

I design pages with these factors in mind:
  1. The majority of Internet users are paying by the minute/second, so avoid pointless graphics and give a text/graphics choice where possible.
  2. Pages should be usable with the Lynx browser, in general, ensuring everyone can access them.
  3. Pages structured to make maintenance easy for me, as well as being logical and allowing for developments I have in mind for next year and beyond.
  4. In particular it should be easy to get to a specific item with the Web browser of the Cambridge Interactive TV Trial. This is an early example of the fact that Netscape plus Internet Explorer aren't the last word in browsers - the Web for TV screens and other devices is coming.

Why the web sucks II - content, content, content!
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Usable Information Technology
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Art and the Zen of Web Sites
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Web Pages That Suck
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Web page design philosophy
Anglia's philosophy 1994-

Pet peeves:

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