Waffles Cafe - pictures by Jón Fairbairn

Thanks to Jón Fairbairn for volunteering these photos of Waffles Cafe!

Waffles worker Bob doing the famous pole trick.

...and its inventor (for Waffles at least) Pat doing the pole trick.
"Unfortunately I was shivering when I took this!" - JF

A picture of the menu and the clock.
"Unfortunately the contrast with the outside is too high and the print that I scanned seems to have faded a bit, so you can't read the menu." -JF

"Extracted from the raw version of the above above, fiddled with to make it legible." -JF

A picture of the nearby bakers shop after the building next door was demolished. (The building in the distance looks like the former Rackham Building of Anglia Ruskin University.)

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