Goodbat Nightman (McGough-McGear)

[Music reminiscent of the 60s TV series starring Adam West]
God bless all policemen and fighters of crime;
May thieves go to jail for a very long time.
They've had a hard day helping clean up the town;
Now they hang from the mantlepiece, both upside down.
A glass of warm blood and then straight up the stairs;
Batman and Robin are saying their prayers:
God bless Superman and Superwoman
Aquaman and Aquawoman
Ironman and Ironwoman
Spiderman and Spiderwoman
Plasticmand and Plasticwoman
Crazy man and...
R: Batman?
B: Yes, Robin.
R: Was ever a Batwoman?
B: There was once, Boy Wonder, a long time bat.
R: Where is she now?
B: I'm afraid she's no longer with us.
R: Oh.. you mean..
B: Yes, she's in the great belfry up there in the sky
R: Holy Saint Batwoman! What happened?
B: She rather foolishly got in the way of the Batmobile.
R: Suicide?
B: Batricide.
R: Gosh! Why didn't I think of that?
They've locked all the doors and put out the bat (miow!).
They've put on their batjamas
We like doing that!
Fill the batwaterbottles
Made the batbeds
With two springy battresses
For sleepy batheads
They're closing bateyes
And they're counting batsheep
Batman and Robin are falling asleep
(Door opens)
R: Wh..where are you going, Batman?
B: The batroom
R: Holy looya!

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