Key to descriptions & rationale


I term a Bar (in this context) as being the antithesis of a Pub:
See also what Adopt A Pub at Pubworld says about pubs.
Also CAMRA Campaigns:
Wring the Swan's Neck
Nitrokeg - the Truth


Good				Bad
Tenancy/freehold		Managed
Small brewery/pub chain		Large brewery/pub chain
Natually-evolved decor,		Corporate interior designer
  reflecting landlord & pubs's    off-the-shelf kit
Staff wearing normal clothes	Staff wearing uniforms
Prices chosen by landlord	Prices chosen by corporate
  and rounded to 5p or 10p	   management & not rounded
Normal till			Fully automated till
  (keys = money)		   (keys = goods)
No piped music			Piped music
No juke box			Juke box
No electronic games		Electronic games
Traditional games		No trad. games
  (cribbage, darts...)


Good				Bad
Small choice			Large choice
  (each likely to be fresh)	  (turnover per barrel
				   likely to be poor,
				   so beer less fresh)
Guest beers			Operating group's
  (landlord has real choice)	  beer selection
Genuine imported lager		UK-brewed lager with
				  foreign brand name
Handpumps			Keg (pressurised and/or
  (live beer)			  pasteurised beer)

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