Travels: London: Wednesday 28th June 2000

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Dan Dare Exhibition

Main purpose: EastNet meeting; more Good Beer Guide pubs

My bike's front tyre was wrecked the previous evening in crossing Midsummer Common, thanks to rubbish left from the recent Midsummer Fair, so I walked in via work to the station. I tried to get a 1st class ticket with Zone 1 Tube travel but there was no such option and people were waiting, that being the only machine. So I got a standard Travelcard. At the refreshment booth on platform 1 I bought a can of Coca-Cola for 70p - a rip-off when one can buy them for under 40p in certain circumstances.

The train at platform 3 was the 08:15 service though it had been intended for something else - there was some disruption to services. Anyway it arrived at Kings Cross only two minutes late. I took my usual route via the Brunswick Centre to ULCC.

The meeting ended at 13:10 and I went to the Brunswick Centre looking for the Dan Dare Exhibition in the British Cartoon Centre there. It was easy to find, being just inside the entrance from Brunswick Square.

There were loads of cartoon panels and Eagle pages on display, along with blurbs on the history, Frank Hampton & co. and related memorabilia.

Next I went for a half in the Lamb Tavern and went past Russell Sq. Tube station: one of the fine old dark red tiled frontages from the early Twentieth century Piccadilly Line, like the disused Strand Station. [They were funded by the American financier Yerkes.]

I tried to find the Old Monk in Grays Inn Road but it wasn't in the southern section. I carried on roughly southwards past the London Silver Vaults to Chancery Lane. Some way down it I spotted an impressive-looking JD Wetherspoons, the Knights Templar, and went in. It was very ornate, with much in common with the Baker Street one: pillars, gilding and paintings on the ceiling, suggesting to me an old theatre or hotel or private bank. I had short-measure of Spitfire for 90p (half). There was a Woolwich cash machine inside, looking like a games machine. Upstairs there was a balcony and a smoking room.

Next I walked along Fleet Street. There are many historic features along the street and down the narrow alleys: for instance the old pubs the Old Bank of England and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese; Samuel Johnson's house/museum.

At the eastern end of Fleet Street the ground rises at Ludgate Circus, the cross-roads with the old course of the Fleet. To the south is the approach to Blackfriars Bridge. Eastwards is Ludgate Hill, with the City Thameslink station on the southern side. I carried on past St Pauls Cathedral and took the Tube to Holborn, changing for Kings Cross. I missed a train by a minute and had a 30 minute wait.

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