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Comparing the Dome, the London Eye and Tate Modern

On my first visit to Tate Modern I was struck by the crowds in comparison with the pathetic attendance figures for the Dome - pathetic when compared to its original break-even target.

After the first three days the estimated attendance at Tate Modern was 120,000 whereas the Dome's typical daily figure was 20,000 - half-capacity.

For the year the targets were 2M and 12M people respectively.

Tate Modern reached 1.5M in July.

The London Eye reached 2M in August and over 3.4M by January 2001 when it closed for a period of maintenance. [My flight on the Eye.]

The Disaster Zone revised its estimate to 4.5M in September. When it closed in December there had been over 6M visitors.

The Dome was doomed as its contents were designed by committee to be worthy rather than entertaining.

This page would have been the Millennium Foursome but for the Millennium Bridge fiasco.

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