Some Pet Hates

in no particular order
Surveys comparing countries
E.g. a survey saying that Canada is higher up a league table than the UK based on some statistic such as domestic TVs and phones, the assumption or implication being that UK people want them as much as Canadians but can't afford them. These things are always flawed. In this example, it's far more likely that the two peoples have different priorities and needs. The demographics of Canada might lead to higher phone & TV need & usage: density of population, rural isolation - those sorts of factors.

Political Correctness
in all its forms but especially the mangled English invented by Americans for PC terms, the best being "visually impaired" which in correct English means ugly. The phrase these PC fanatics want is "vision-impaired".

England A
The use of the term "England A" (Scotland A etc.) in rugger and cricket (and probably other sports) for what used to be called the B team or the Second 15/Second 11. Probably another bit of Political Correctness.

ITN TV news
I've had to stop watching ITN news because of the following habit they've developed since about 1995. BBC TV News sometimes does the same thing. What a pointless exercise. If there's really new information, they should drop the taped report. The opinions of journalists (especially before events have actually happened) are no substitute for real news.

"More unique"
This used to be an American piece of sloppiness but is creeping into use amongst the (all too many) UK illiterates on TV.

Web Design

Americanization of sports here & elsewhere
The tendency to rename old established teams in the tacky American style; e.g. the "Bradford Bulls" (Rugby League). Even in cricket, for the 1997 experimental AXA Life day/night match, the teams were "Surrey Lions" & the "Sussex Tigers". There's the implicit assumption that "American" equates to "good", which is absurd as a generalisation. Those of this mindset usually drag in cheerleaders and all the other guff so foreign to our culture.

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