Disused Tube Stations in London

There seems to be a fascination amongst film makers for this subject. There's a similar fascination for the depth's of New York's subway system - and even a list of abandoned stations

A former fellow officer in Cambridge University Computer Society has a set of pages about the London Underground: he's also has had a spot of bother with the Observer "newspaper".

London's Disused Underground Stations is an excellent reference book.

Some notable stations

Post Office (Central Line)
Actually a myth as to closure - renamed St Pauls.
(By the way, the Post Office has its own underground railway for moving mail around London.)

(British) Museum (Central Line)
(Corner of Bloomsbury Court & High Holborn)
Closed in favour of extra platforms at Holborn 1933.

Down Street (Piccadilly Line)
Replaced by the nearby Green Park in 1932.
In 1940 was used as the underground Cabinet rooms while new ones were built (the ones now open to the public).

Some films featuring them

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