Web-Related Legal Wrangles

Either about Web sites or other problems covered well on the Web.
The Roadkills-R-Us News Network and Web legal wrangles
Read about the bizarre behaviour of Toys-R-Us lawyers and my own trouble in the same vein
Other -R-Us pages such as Torts-R-Us - Litigation for the whole family.

The Shetland News - a tiny outfit v. a much larger publisher trying to charge for Web links!
Copyright battles: The Shetlands

The excellent response to the (in my opinion) lies of The Observer by CommUnity & related articles.

EMI goes anti lyric transcriptions.

Trademark Wars of the Web.

625 - Andrew Wiseman's TV Room
the BBC campaign against fans' Web pages;
the hilarious tale of a Web snatcher.

Gerard Hoffnung Web site.

McSpotlight - another Big Corp. v. ordinary people site.
Item in the news October 1996: McMunchies sandwich bar in Milton Keynes is being threatened by McDonalds lawyers. They received a deadline of 3-Oct to change their name but are fighting on.
Corner Shop faces McDonald's Writ

The Church of Scientology - The Church v. Web sites.

Last updated: 27-SEP-1998
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