Past Pubs & Breweries

This is a tiny sample of the hundreds that could be listed - just the more notable ones.

Past Pubs

The Bun Shop
In the complex of medieval streets swept away for the Lion Yard car park and shopping centre in the early 70s. More-or-less where Quinns now is. The name was revived by Peter Fagg as the ground-floor bar below the Old Dot jazz venue in 1991, moving in 1992 to take over The King's Arms.
The Cow & Calf.
The Foresters, corner of Burleigh St. and City Road
Closed by Tolly Cobbold in 1986 for office development.
The Merton Arms, Northampton St.
Closed by St. John's College in 1988 for student accomodation. A perennial in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide and one of the few pubs with accommodation.
The Jolly Millers, Newnham Road
Changed to the India House in the mid-1990s.
Formerly a Tolly pub, was coverted to J. Millers during the yuppie era (mid-1980s), subsequently changing name to Monroes.
Next door to Sweeney Todds (subsequently Bella Pasta), the old mill premises.
Dog & Pheasant, 451 Newmarket Road
Closed in the early 1990s and subsequently a curry house
The Little Rose, Trumpington Street, opposite Peterhouse
An ancient inn on the main road southwards. Converted to a restaurant in the mid-Eighties when Bass' lease expired. In 1998/9 converted to a fish restaurant (Loch Fyne), with significant changes to the building.
Plough & Harrow, Madingley Road
A typical 1960s estate pub. Converted to a Berni Inn c1980 as The Churchill, subsequently a Beefeater. In 1998 bought & converted by McDonald's. In 2004 closing for redevelopment as housing.
Racehorse, Newmarket Road (junction with Wadloes Road)
Was Hoofers during the Yuppie era. Sold by Scottish & Newcastle in April 1999 to McDonalds to become a drive-through restaurant. (See ALE 294 : Pub News - Cambridge)
Still and Sugarloaf
Under the Victoria Cinema in the market until M&S redeveloped the site about 1992/3. Was a squaddies' bar.

Past Breweries

The Globe, Newmarket Road.
This pub is on the site of a former brewery and has been derelict since about 1990. It featured in the Oct-95 Anglia TV News item on former Cambridge breweries. Paul Ainsworth (regional director of CAMRA) was interviewed in the pub's back yard. As of 1999 was redeveloped into a restaurant.
The Spring Brewery
On the site of the Tivoli Cinema, now The Graduate. Closed in 1896. See Firkin Comes to Town.
The Panton Brewery
Only the gates remain. Bailey & Tebbutt's of Cambridge ran it in its heyday.
The Alma Brewery.
Dale's Brewery, Gwydir Street.
Now various shops and community units.
George Scales Cambridge Brewery.
Now part of the Cambridge Arms.
The Star Brewery.
Taken over by Tolly. On the site behind the Burleigh Arms and now replaced by housing fronting onto Vicarage Terrace. Until recently (mid-1990s?) you could still see the brewery name on the side of the Hat & Feathers, Barton Road.

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