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The Other Shows in the Simpsons Mania Tour 2000

The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 14 Aug.

Review of the show by Ian Shuttleworth. Related show: review of MacHOMER by Ian Shuttleworth.

National Film Theatre, London, 17 Aug

According to a comments on, this was just Matt Groening in a Q&A session with Jonathan Ross (a big Simpsons fan). Apparently it was judged a disappointment.

Diginews report.

Playhouse Theatre, London, 17 Aug

They performed Lisa's Date With Density.

Playhouse Theatre, London, 18 Aug

Sky 1, 2nd/3rd September - Simpsons 10th Anniversary Special

In between the featured episodes, including two new ones Bart to the Future and Behind the Laughter, there was a so-so Simpsons A-Z of clips, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and clips of interviews with the cast of the live shows.

There was also a strange and cringeworthy set of shots from families around the UK aiming to prove that The Real Simpsons are all around us!

Dan Castellaneta mentioned Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish as one of his favourites (Burns runs for Governor).

Nancy Cartwright mentioned Bart speaking French as being a particularly memorable bit - she had special coaching to learn that part quickly (The Crepes of Wrath).

Yeardley Smith mentioned Lisa's Substitute as being particularly touching (Lisa gets a crush on a supply teacher).

Harry Shearer said his favourite episodes were One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (Homer eats a Blowfish) and El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer (Homer and the psychadelic chilli).

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