Travels: London: 2001

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27th Jan.
Treasures of Catherine the Great Exhibition, Covent Garden pubs
30th Jan.
Work-related trip plus supper at Porters
8th Feb.
Hoffnung Exhibition, Pakenham Arms, Edgar Wallace
17th Mar.
New Southwark Cathedral visitor centre; new riverside walkway
28th Mar. - 2nd Apr.
Fallen Angels, The Walls, Semi-Monde, Jazz Parade 2001, London Eye, Museum of London
4th - 7th May
Noises Off, Pirates of Penzance
23rd May
Ball, Barber & Bilk
1st - 3rd June
Art (Paul Freeman, George Segal, Richard Griffiths), The Pub Landlord, Trial By Jury (in Royal Courts of Justice), Thames Barrier
22nd - 24th June
Revisiting Wimbledon after 30 years
20th - 22nd July
The Relapse, A Servant to Two Masters, London Eye at dusk, Vermeer at the National Gallery
25th July
Swinging Sixties - NFT/BFI archive show
10th Aug.
Humble Boy, Sick Dictators
29th Aug.
Caught In The Act
22nd Sep.
Open House Weekend (curtailed due to many being closed due to overreaction to 11th Sep.)
28th Sep. - 1 Oct.
NFT annual TV weekend: Kenneth Williams, Tom Baker, The Pogles, Max Wall, Murder Rooms...
6th Oct.
Feelgood, The Homecoming
20th Oct.
NFT/BBC Missing Believed Wiped
10th Nov.
Royal Family, Luther, Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
17th Nov.
Star Quality, The Play What I Wrote
14th Dec.
Dangerous Corner, Privates on Parade
I don't have the time to finish writing up the 2000-2001 trips already mentioned here, never mind writing up more!

I have loads of pictures to illustrate these write-ups but haven't got much beyond June 2000 in including pics here - it's very time-consuming.

So, for now at least, that's all!


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